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Ballroom dancing is a great couple's activity for people of all ages.  It's fun exercise and a social skill you can take with you, wherever you go.  Men will learn how to gently maneuver the lady, while the lady learns to gracefully follow her partner as they both glide across the dance floor. 

Jennifer Mulcahey is a professional Ballroom Dance instructor with over 23 years of experience and the proprietor of the Ballroom by Jennifer dance studio in Dubuque.  She has taught many students to dance.  Jennifer is a confident and competent instructor who makes learning fun, quick and easy.  Everyone can learn how to dance...some simply may take longer than others.

Group classes are available for couples and private lessons are available for couples and individuals.  Levels range from no experience through accomplished dancers.  Jennifer will teach you and your partner how to dance together!

Contact Jennifer today at (815) 281-0430 or email her at
Located in Plaza 20 - Dubuque
Jennifer and Marty Mulcahey
Ballroom by Jennifer Dance Studio